Ajman University Innovation Center (AUIC) has an annual calendar schedule finalized at the onset of every New year for the respective Workshops.

AUIC Workshops are inline with the growth path of the Startups. We focus on the actual requirements for the Startups from seed stage upto their Entity formation.

AUIC Workshops are conducted by Internationally acclaimed speakers and industry specialists. The participants thereby have valuable insights as take aways for further implementations, from the AUIC Workshops. These workshops and events are open for registration to all AU Students, Alumni and external community through our social media page and website.

We have also come up with the Online Workshop streaming for the Audiences who are unable to attend in-person, from various part of the globe.

Also, AUIC Workshops are available in video formats, as archives on AUIC website.

AUIC Workshops conducted :

  • Ideation Workshop for Startups & Students
  • “Innovative Communication Skills”
  • “Innovative Skills & Concepts” for Entrepreneurs
  • Ajman Police - “Innovation Concepts” Workshop
  • Startups Financing 101
  • “Introduction to US Patent Law”
  • How to make an Impressive Portfolio for Startups
  • Design Thinking Series (3 Workshops)
  • Google Digital Marketing Workshop
  • Workshop on Robotics
  • IBM Workshop on Artificial Intelligence & IBM Watson