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About AUIC

An innovation center powered by Ajman University.

Who are we?

We are an innovation center launched with the keen focus to contribute consistently towards the improvement of the Economy of UAE thru Innovations. AUIC constantly nurtures new Innovative ideas into Entities. We intend to become the foremost name that Startups/Idea Owners think about when they want to bring their Ideas into the being.

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Your start point into the World of Innovative Entrepreneurship

Ajman University Innovation Centre (AUIC) would be your start point into the World of Innovative Entrepreneurship. Thru our Idea Competition, AUIC would help you with necessary funds for your idea to be launched as a Product/Service/Product& Service AUIC would register the company & support with Government & Private sector Business for you.

Team Members

Eng.Mohamed Baloola

Acting Director, Ajman University Innovation Center

Hiba Suleiman

Administrative Coordinator, Ajman University Innovation Center

AUIC Ambassador

Carine Dakak

AUIC Ambassador

Sara Jendi

AUIC Ambassador

Jenan Mehdi

AUIC Ambassador

Alya Alaleeli

AUIC Ambassador

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